Gump 760 Shrimp

USD $225

The Gump 760s in Shrimp make for a serious head turner. A beautiful red stain  on the classic Passchier style means you get a stand-out look while keeping all the features that make our bars special. Ready to withstand any storm and come out on top, these bars are durable, comfortable and strong, built to leave their rider in even better shape than they started in.

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TYPE: 22 degree
CLAMPING: Carbon fibre sleeve, 31.8mm diameter
FITTING: Tighten screws to 5Nm and redo a week later
WEIGHT: 330g
LENGTH: 760mm
MATERIAL: Laminated bamboo
STRENGTH: Tested to ISO 4210-2:2015, Clause and 4.7.7 (fatigue and strength for commute and trekking bikes)