The ultimate in bike riding comfort

These handcrafted, bamboo laminated beauties give the rider a comfortable experience never felt before. With a slight amount of flex the rider has reduced jarring and a more relaxed ride, allowing you to ride on and on…

Wherever the ride takes you…

Product highlights

  • Laminated bamboo
  • Carbon fibre sleeve, 31.8mm diameter
  • Strength Tested to ISO 4210-5: 2014, 4.5 standard
  • Handcrafted in New Zealand
Naturally stiff and super strong material due to the level of density from each year’s tree growth
Sustainable and environmentally friendly materials
Durable material that is great for absorbing vibrations that come from rough terrain
Made from strong and durable laminated bamboo

We use wood as it offers greater durability and natural flex than traditional handle bar materials, such as aluminium alloy, steel and carbon fibre. These flex and durability properties are as a result of the tree being exposed to the elements and waving around at everyone, at the hint of a breeze. This is the tree’s equivalent of exercising and gaining strength, not unlike people going to the gym and biking.

In addition to this, the tree’s natural cellulose structure absorbs vibrations naturally, which is exactly what you’re after when you’re riding local trails, gravel roads and undulating road surfaces. So with this attribute, handle bars which is the main point of contact, is the perfect bike component to be made of wood (certainly the riders bum has plenty of contact with the seat, however we considered this to be a bad idea!)

So handle bars made of wood it is… Ride on.

Gump 760

22° for tourers, ebikes & town commuters

Named after Forest Gump, who was more of a runner than a rider, these bars are so comfortable you’ll forget to stop riding and over shoot your desired destination.

Technical Information

Price: NZ$350

Gump 650

A tamed version of the Gump 760. Built to accommodate the town cruiser that wants comfort and manouverabilty through tricky traffic. These have the same 22° as the Gump 760, but being shorter you’re less likely to shoot past your desired destination and will quite possibly end up at your local café or bar.

Technical Information

Price: NZ$350

Built to ISO strength standards

The good lads at Kiwi Mechanical Laboratory created a machine to test the strength and resilience of Passchier’s in all possible urban, trekking and trail settings.

Eco Friendly

Passchier is dedicated to running a sustainable operation from start to finish, production to packaging.

Right from our raw ingredient bamboo – a fast growing, sustainable natural fibre whose carbon footprint is nothing in comparison to other man made materials, to our recyclable cardboard packaging and natural wood wool protection, we strive to use environmentally friendly methods as much as possible during every step.