Upgrading my Poseidon Gravel Bike with bamboo handlebars – Cool Bike Projects

Bamboo Handlebars ?! Who would have thought you could have a such a comfortable ride?

Geared Up: Falling for Autumn – Adventure Cycling Associatation

The Gump took the place of what I consider a pretty springy carbon bar, and with it I ended rides with far less hand pain than usual and feeling fresher to boot.

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The perfect time to try out something new and exciting to spice up my local WFH commute.

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The handmade bars absorb vibrations, reducing arm and body fatigue in riders

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Dirk Passchier started out making Kayak Paddles from Bamboo after realizing the material’s potential to improve on the comfort and flex offered by traditional Kevlar paddles

Review: New Zealand made Passchier Gump bamboo handlebars will smooth your ride

Handlebar buzz can be one of the biggest niggles to solve on a bike. You could shop around buying one aluminium handlebar after the next to see if one feels softer or nicer.

Bamboo bar is claimed to be easier on the hands and arms – New Atlas

While there are now several bamboo-framed bikes on the market, many riders are understandably a little leery of buying one. They might want to consider the Gump bamboo handlebar, though, as it’s said to be comfier than aluminum or carbon.

Forrest Gump-Inspired Handlebars Will Change the Way You Ride – AutoEvolution

Forrest Gump is an iconic character whose impressive running abilities have inspired many in real life.

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Path less peddled have given our bamboo handlebars a comprehensive test run!

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Passchier’s Gump bars have been featured on Pinkbike.com

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Here’s Mike with a quick run through of the benefits of Passchier’s bamboo handlebars.

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Passchier was featured on the Spanish website Solo Bici

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Our Gump bamboo handlebar was featured in Wilderness Magazine recently