These handcrafted, laminated bamboo beauties change the game for comfort, creating a riding experience never felt before.

Passchier have undergone years of development and testing to provide a product that alleviates wrist and arm stress for a completely comfortable ride, without compromising style, strength, or control, so you don’t have to give up a thing.

Bike enthusiasts will all know the feeling of hand numbness, weakness, tingling and discomfort, formally known as hand-arm vibration syndrome or handlebar palsy.

These symptoms are extremely common on long or bumpy rides and not only take away from the enjoyment of the outing but leave the rider with lasting effects that if not addressed quickly can lead to ongoing wrist, hand, and muscular issues.

We’ve engineered the natural flex of bamboo to create unsurpassed vibration reduction, ridding your muscles of that stiff and sore tingling that ruins a good ride and protecting your wrists for a long career behind your bars.

There’s as much show as go with Passchier’s, and feeling is believing – you won’t believe it compared to those stiff old alloy bars until you feel for yourself, and you’ll be left asking the question – why wasn’t this a thing sooner?

Extensive qualitative and quantitative research has shown that Passchier bars absorb vibration and create a riding experience like no other.

The difference between alloy bars and Passchier Gumps will change the way you ride.

Along rough terrain the Gumps absorb the rattle with no compromise of control, while the alloy send every shock from the environment through the wrists and arms resulting in hand-arm vibration syndrome, or what avid riders recognize as
numbness, weakness, tingling and discomfort.

Comments from riders consistently back this up, saying they’re so comfortable, make a huge improvement to their riding experience,
massively reduce muscle discomfort and save their hands and wrists, allowing them to ride longer.

This is reinforced by objective measurements we’ve taken using an accelerometer, allowing us to compare the vibration of Passchier bars compared to alloy bars across any terrain, showing a significant improvement and vibration absorbtion with Passchiers.