Bikepacking the American Cordillera – Passchier Gump brings them home

Our friends Hana Black and Mark Watson completed their goal of cycling the length of the Americas

“Bamboo handlebars for ultimate flex and comfort” – Electric Bike Journal

EB Journal reviews our Passchier Gump Handlebars

“Why Bamboo Handlebars FLEX, but don’t BREAK” – The Bike Sauce

Nolan from ‘The Bike Sauce’ takes a technical look at Passchier.

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Your Favorite Cyclist converts his fat bike from threaded to threadless to install our classic Gump 760 bars to the rig. Check out the process…

Weird Bicycle Products! – Berm Peak / Seths Bike Hacks

Seth’s Bike Hacks tackles our Gump 760 bars, and not to spoil the surprise but you might hear them described as: “These are breathtakingly beautiful” “I am just loving this sweep” “These are freaking awesome” “I’m a huge fan of these”… check it out for yourself!

Finally The perfect Bikepacking Gravel Bike – Wiener Verkehr

With our Passchier Gump 760s up top an all time fav Surly Karate Monkey frame, German rider Wiener Verkehr builds the perfect bikepacking rig – this gravel eater is sure to be one of the smoothest, comfiest bikepacking set ups around.

The NEXT Big Trend in Bicycling? – Path Less Pedaled

Russ from Path Less Pedaled takes to the mic at this years Sea Otter Classic to hear what the riders on the front lines think is the next big thing in biking – featuring our very own Dirk Passchier at the Passchier stand.

Sea Otter 2023 – The MTB Lab

Take a look around this years Sea Otter Classic for a whole lot of up and coming bike kit. There’s creators and bike lovers from all over the globe ready to bring you your next favourite cycling product – including our very own Passchier comfortbars.

The Oceanian Bike Project: Bamboo Handlebars, Gearbox Frames, & More – PinkBike

The Oceanic Bike Project (AKA The European Bike Project on his home turf) explores the New Zealand biking scene, pulling the curtain to show you a glimpse of life in the Passchier workshop.

Passchier Gump 760 & 650 Bamboo Handlebars – PaTVenture

From rugged roots to buzzy gravel to flowy trail, French rider Patrick rides it all and gives us his thoughts on two styles of the most comfortable bars around.

The Most Comfortable Bike Handlebars – Zach Gallardo

Fixie fanatic Zach Gallardo tests out our Passchier Gump 650 bars and puts them to the ultimate single speed test – How do our classic short bars hold up?

Gone Bikepacking: Thailand – Gone Bikepacking

Round-the-world riders Sam and Bec navigate Thailand with their Passchier Comfortbars in tow.

My Bamboo Handlebars – Terry Barensten

Terry Barensten cruises through the streets of New York City on our smoooth Gump 760 bars.

Passchier Astaire Handlebar Review – Bike Gear Database

“Over the past couple years, Passchier has been making some waves with their stylish, vibration-absorbing bamboo handlebars.”. Read on for Lew AKA Pedal Slip’s review of our brand new Astaire bar and hear how the comfy city commute style treats him.

Flex Appeal: A Long-term Review of the Passchier Gump Bamboo Handlebar – The Radavist

In the four months we’ve been using our Gumps, we’ve covered roughly 1000km and ridden some pretty rowdy terrain. Continue reading for our thoughts on how the Gump handlebar holds up after many months of trail riding and touring…

Passchier Gump Review: BAMBOO HANDLEBARS!? –

“In case you missed it, New Zealand’s Passchier released its flagship bamboo handlebars last year…” read on to see what has to say through rigorous testing of our Gump bars.

Passchier Gump Bars – Bear Bones Bikepacking

Bear Bones Bikepacking puts the Passchier Gump 760s to the test… “They’re beautiful to look at, work as promised and are also something a little bit different… I’ve no doubt that you’ll be impressed.”

Ride on and on with Bamboo Handlebars – Bicycle Travellers

With bicycle touring ever growing in popularity, tourers look for solutions to the discomfort felt on those long rides. Bamboo bars offer a serious improvement to the riding experience.

A Hayduke Story: From Baja to Bend to Oaxaca –

Discover how a few component changes and some evolving gear choices have turned a flawed favorite into a bike that’s far more tuned to her needs.

Sustainable bicycles made from bamboo help change lives – Viable Earth

Viable Earth looks into sustainable solutions for the future, with bamboo bikes and bars proving to have a hugely positive impact – from encouraging biking as a form of transportation, to the renewable, fast growing raw materials, bamboo is the future.

Radar Roundup – The Radavist

The Radavist’s radar roundup examines gear worth looking at, and Passchier Bamboo Handlebars certainly fall in that category.

We tested the Passchier Gump 760 bamboo handlebar, much more than aesthetics – Solo Bici

We put the Passchier Gump 760 handlebar to the test, made of bamboo and with properties that go beyond its striking design.

Flex appeal and cycling comfort – Business Desk

There are the traditionalists who swear that nothing handles like a steel-framed bike and then there are the enthusiasts embracing bamboo.

Knocking on Wood with the Gump 760 – Slow Spin Society

A few months back when Fabian and I were looking for some news to put in the pre-show, I came upon something quite interesting. A handlebar made out of wood…

Handcrafted Bars Designed For Comfort – Bike Gear Database

The first thing I noticed about the bars is how beautiful they are. They are reminiscent of a classic car.

Bamboo You – Bike Snob NYC

There’s no question they imparted an almost unctuously smooth quality to the ride, which I quite enjoyed.

Upgrading my Poseidon Gravel Bike with bamboo handlebars – Cool Bike Projects

Bamboo Handlebars ?! Who would have thought you could have a such a comfortable ride?

Geared Up: Falling for Autumn – Adventure Cycling Associatation

The Gump took the place of what I consider a pretty springy carbon bar, and with it I ended rides with far less hand pain than usual and feeling fresher to boot.

A lockdown treat – Bicycle Network

The perfect time to try out something new and exciting to spice up my local WFH commute.

Bamboo Bicycle Handlebars make long rides more comfortable – Spring Wise

The handmade bars absorb vibrations, reducing arm and body fatigue in riders

Passchier Bamboo Handlebars flex to absorb bumps for a smoother ride – Bike Rumor

Dirk Passchier started out making Kayak Paddles from Bamboo after realizing the material’s potential to improve on the comfort and flex offered by traditional Kevlar paddles

Review: New Zealand made Passchier Gump bamboo handlebars will smooth your ride

Handlebar buzz can be one of the biggest niggles to solve on a bike. You could shop around buying one aluminium handlebar after the next to see if one feels softer or nicer.

Bamboo bar is claimed to be easier on the hands and arms – New Atlas

While there are now several bamboo-framed bikes on the market, many riders are understandably a little leery of buying one. They might want to consider the Gump bamboo handlebar, though, as it’s said to be comfier than aluminum or carbon.

Forrest Gump-Inspired Handlebars Will Change the Way You Ride – AutoEvolution

Forrest Gump is an iconic character whose impressive running abilities have inspired many in real life.

More Comfortable Handlebars Made from Shock-Absorbing Bamboo feature on our Bamboo Handlebars

Bamboo handlebar early review –

I ordered this set from Passchier, they shipped them from NZ within a day or two and I had them installed on the bike less than 2 weeks later. They are absolutely gorgeous, if you’re into earth tones and wood grains. Which I emphatically am.

Passchier Gump Handlebars – Highlux Photo

I’ve come across a few bamboo bike frames during my cycling adventures, but had not seen a bamboo handlebar until a friend told me about New Zealand bamboo handlebar pioneers Passchier.

List of Comfort MTB Handlebars –

For those looking at alternatives to their stock handlebars

Passchier Gump Bamboo Handlebar Review: Oh so comfy have reviewed our Gump handlebars

“The most comfortable handlebars I’ve ever tried” – Path Less Pedalled

Path less peddled have given our bamboo handlebars a comprehensive test run!

Passchier Launches The Gump Bamboo Bars with Arm Pump Reduction Claims – Pink Bike

Passchier’s Gump bars have been featured on

Passchier at Handmade Bicycle Show Australia

Here’s Mike with a quick run through of the benefits of Passchier’s bamboo handlebars.

Solo Bici Feature

Passchier was featured on the Spanish website Solo Bici

Gear review by Mark Watson – Wilderness Magazine

Our Gump bamboo handlebar was featured in Wilderness Magazine recently