Bamboo Handlebars

The natural strength of bamboo is unparalleled in nature, and we’ve engineered this to our advantage.

Utilizing these properties and a bit of craftsmanship we’ve produced bars like no other – strong, durable, and ridiculously comfortable. Rigorously tested to ISO standards, Passchier have some serious muscle in them.

The good lads at Kiwi Mechanical Laboratory created a machine to test the strength and resilience of Passchier’s in all possible urban, trekking and trail settings.

The handlebars go through two testing phases – the first applying 20kg of force to either end of the bars in an alternating pattern, replicating turning and force exerted on either end.

The second test exerts 25kg to each end of the bars simultaneously, for 50kg total, replicating hard stopping, hitting curbs, and other bumps and lumps along the road.

Each test is repeated for 5 days over 100,000 times – an amount far exceeding human performance- ensuring the complete safety, strength, and comfortability of our products.



Not only are they strong, Passchier bars are extremely durable and sustainable.

To be frank, we’re not the kind to be overly careful with our kit. We left our bikes uncovered deteriorating in the rain, wind, hail and shine for two years to test the durability of our bars – you’d think there must be a better way!

These bars can withstand anything nature has to throw at them. Durable against all the elements, Passchier’s came out of two years, uncovered, thrown around, and borderline mistreatment without a stain or weather to show for it.

When you pick yourself up a set of Passchier’s, you’ve got them for many rides to comes.

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