Wooden Handlebars

Passchier is dedicated to running a sustainable operation from start to finish, production to packaging.

Right from our raw ingredient bamboo – a fast growing, sustainable natural fibre whose carbon footprint is nothing in comparison to other man made materials, to our recyclable cardboard packaging and natural wood wool protection, we strive to use environmentally friendly methods as much as possible during every step.

We are also dedicated to leaving a positive impact on the planet beyond the scope of our own operations. To do this we have partnered with Greenspark to plant trees in rural India, retrieve plastic bottles from the ocean, and offset CO2 emissions – all of which you, the rider, helps contribute towards through every Passchier purchase made.

Leaving this world in better shape than we found it is at the forefront of our business

For the well-being of the earth as well riders wrists and arms, you can rest assured you’re in good hands with Passchier.

If you want to chat sustainability flick us an email, we’re always open to comments, ways to improve, and love helping others consider ways they can look after our earth too!

Greenspark | Plastic & Carbon Offset